Thursday, December 30, 2010

Viewers Choice!!!

I have decided that for my next in depth post I want it be something people are interested in and want to read about.  I am even willing to learn something completely knew just for the sake of writing an article about it.

So I am offering the choice up to YOU! the readers of my Blog.

Please leave comments on this Post saying what exactly you would like me to post on.  I will do any subject of O, D, ST, off season, S&C, position skills, love making techniques... I don't care.

I will pick 1 idea from the comments posted and dedicate some time this weekend to researching and writing an article on the subject.  If others see a comment posted that they really want, then write it again so I can see how many people want to see it.

So Please, help me make this a better blog, leave your comments of what you want me to write about.


I will stop taking comments after Saturday, New years Day.  So you guys have until Saturday to pitch me your ideas.


  1. hmmm...since I am already a love making machine..I'll go with practice planning. Maybe how to prepare scout O and D sessions so practice time is efficiently used. What does a typical week look like for coaches? Maybe just a general best tips/drills session could be beneficial.

  2. How do you keep your team fresh late in the season? When do you stop conditioning on the field? My players kept telling me they felt worse then the first couple of games in week 10 and 11

  3. How to call/signal plays in to an offense. We do not run a no huddle but I'd like to speed up practice and also use for 2 min O. How do you signal play-formation-routes to the backs and line in a simple way...

  4. I would be very interested to hear how you would take on practices and a full season of games if you only had 3 or 4 full time coaches for an entire team (no assistants, no dads)

  5. I'd love to see an analysis of the different options and opinions there are as to how to adjust a 4-3 Under or 46 D to 22 personnel with a Wing Back (think Tight Wing T or I).

  6. Would you consider an explanation of the relationship between defensive front and coverage. The relationship is explained in an article from Steve Axman in Football coaching strategies, but the explanation is very difficult to follow. Maybe you could vulgarize it for us.

  7. ABC,

    Do you have a link to the Axman article?
    I would be interested in writing on that subject if you can get me the Axman article

  8. Here`s the article...

    see page 46

    Looking forward to it

  9. ABC,

    I just read the article, at first I thought you were looking at how coverage determines front from a defensive perspective but after the article I would imagine your looking at things from an offensive stand point of identifying coverages.
    Is this correct? just trying to get a more accurate picture of what exactly you are looking for so I can do a better job of writing a response.

  10. Coach Dudley,

    I believe your initial thoughts were right on. The topic of coverage recognition is well discussed in numerous articles.

    The part that I find interesting but not so clear is the following...

    "One starts by understanding that rarely does a front and a coverage design exist without an interrelation to one another. Fronts and
    coverages are almost always related, complementing one another to help produce a coordinated defensive package of deep coverage,curl/flat zone coverage,undeneath coverage, perimeter support, and gap control fronts. As a result, an understanding of the interrelation of fronts to coverages and coverages to fronts can help produce what are fairly reliable indication in the effort to attack defenses with run option, and
    pass packages."

    I could email you more thoughts about the article which I find confusing...may help write your's if you choose this topic. Not sure you can be contacted by email through this blog however.

  11. ok coach thanks for the email.

    Ive read it, and i will re read it. I think i have a more accurate depiction of what you are looking for. I will do my best to attempt to relate how the coverage dictates the front you are working with.
    i will do my best to explain the differences doing them between a 3 man front and a 4 man front