Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some Screen Film

Ok so I finally figured out how to take the video off of our HUDL account and put some up online... 


Quick Screen

I apologize foe the video quality, I swear it looks much better on my computer.  Somehow putting it up on Blogger turns it into  garbage.

Hope this helps to visualize some of what I discussed in my posts on our screen game.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I like how quick and aggressive you attack with the line. We do the same on all the screens (we are pro-I team).

    We also use Hudl...and I ran a blog last year for my team...could you give me the basics on getting hudl vid into blogger...or burnt to dvd..whatever you do.

  2. I made a seperate playlist for the given clips I wanted on HUDL. Then using HUDl Editor you can download the playlist... it downloads it as a HUDL project, which you cant really do anything with but then there will be a thing where you can then export that and when you do you can save it to your computer as a WMV, AVI, or DVD file.

    I saved mine to WMV, and then I was able to upload that, most things will work with WMV so I used that

  3. Love those line splits on the first quick screen!