Thursday, May 19, 2011

Drill Videos are Here!!!

Sorry for the delay, it rained on offensive day 1 but the sun came out a bit today so I was able to film some of our drills.  Here is a short video I just made showing off some of our daily drills.

Ladder Drill, Stance, Mirror, Vertical Setting, Cage, 60/90 sets


  1. Coach,
    Can you explain how you get it edited and then up to youtube so quick? (what software are you using with it..etc.)I assume you used the new camera? I am getting one too.

  2. I used the software that comes internal to the kodak pocket hd cam. Just took the clips, trimmed a little, added a couple title slides and saved it. Then I uploaded it to youtube and added it to the blog. It would have been up faster but I tried uploading directly from my hard drive to this blog but it failed uploading twice (not sure why). Once i put it on youtube it worked fine.

  3. Is this from the kodak pocket hd cam? How do you like it?