Saturday, December 17, 2011


The Screen posts I put up last year seemed to be the most popular so I picked out a few highlights on our screens this year... you will see they vary from solid to jail to RB screens. They are a big part of our offense and I have found we can run them pretty much against anybody when our WRs commit to blocking.

Sorry for the poor video quality... The video is in good quality when I watch it on hudl and on my computer but something about uploading it to this blog makes it look like Atari.

Enjoy !


  1. Coach, I noticed on both your fast and slow screens, you didn't have your PSOT cut the DE. Did you ever have problems with a SOB DE batting down passes? If so, was your adjustment just to have the QB get the ball out quicker?

    Also, on all slow screens, is the QB footwork to throw on something like 5th or 7th step??

  2. On jail we all release, never had a batted down ball on jailbreak and only maybe 2 all year long on our run fake screen

    on the slow screen PST high walled to invite DE up the field

    QB was just told to keep dropping to give back time to come open, to help give us an answer everytime we ran the slow screen to one side, with PST highwalling and GCG releasing for that screen, we had the backside tackle and backside WRs essentially running a jailbreak screen... QB was taught to retreat to give back time to open up, if someone sniffed it out or for some reason he couldnt get it to the back, he would throw it to the backside jailbreak.

  3. Thanks for the info coach

  4. Hey Coach,

    I know this question is up everywhere like a hundred times, but how can I get my hands on these videos? I can't seem to direct link them from youtube, thus can't download them.

    Thx in advance!