Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cut up of the Day: Inside Zone

Our best, most consistent run play this year was Inside Zone (IZ)

RB was a stud, he got really good at the Bang or Bend read he was taught on his path.
We were also able to run it as a frontside run play to the Rb (straight downhill dive action) and even as a QB follow type of play.  We got the most mileage out of this play.

I taught it differently than most... focusing on a more track based approach than the usual 4 eyes on LB 4 hands on DL push the vertical double team approach

Here are some cut ups of our IZ scheme in action


  1. Me again. I like your wrinkle that you focus on getting a hat on everybody. i experienced that most kids had much trouble getting to the 2nd level after the doubleteam, so we often had unblocked linebackers running around making the play. do you use this approach for your outside zone, too? to me it seems even more reasoned because you dont need that vertical push to gain ground.
    is it a problem you had that you dont get the dline flowing when you dont work them with doubleteams or are they moving when they see outsidezone-action?

    oh yeah. great blog (i hope you notice how i enjoy reading it)


  2. Yes same schematic approach on OZ, only difference is the steps they take (wider aiming point and steps) and the tackle is trying to reach the DE rather than base block him

    We didn't have to have vertical movement necessarily, the DL trying to penetrate or flow gave us a lot of horizontal movement... even a stalemate is ok in my book as long as the OL stays engaged and is working in the right direction