Monday, December 9, 2013

POWER game film

I have been an all 4 wide coach my entire time at my current school.  A number of factors contributed to us needing to make a change midway through the year.  We became a 21 personnel "pro style" offense.  A major play for us was the standard "Power" play.  Just wanted to share a few clips of us running power that I felt we executed decently.  You will notice the guards skip pulling, it is a technique I understand in clinic talks but I am not 100% sold on it.  They entered the hole square, which is the whole idea behind it. However I feel most kids can get to the hole quicker, and with more speed (and therefore momentum) with a standard pull.  I think I will experiment with both through spring ball and summer next year.

Well, enjoy a handful of POWER clips

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  1. Good Afternoon, Coach

    First of all, great stuff throughout the blog. You've helped me in a ways you couldn't imagine.

    I have some questions. I am a youth coach and we are a Spread Run team. I would like to add Power (and possibly counter and/or dart) to what we do. My question to you is how do you teach it your OL after hammering home the counting system? It's entirely different scheme, right?

    Thank you, Coach.